Do you have a question or issue that you would like to resolve? I am a certified life coach in nature and would be delighted to work with you so you can reach your goals. My coaching sessions take place outdoors while we walk. Walking in nature offers a range of health benefits. When our minds are in motion, we think more clearly and creatively, our stress levels decrease and our mood improves.

Coaching in nature will give you the opportunity to:
– resolve a question or issue in an area like work, relationships, friendships and health;
– benefit from time spent actively outdoors;
– learn more about your strengths and skills;
– increase your confidence.

Coaching package

Each coaching walk lasts around 1 hour. In order to gain maximum benefit from your sessions, four walks would be ideal. Generally you will go on a walk with me once a month. A package of four sessions costs €300.

About me:

My name is Rosalinde and I have lived in Ireland for the past twenty years. My professional experience includes working with jobseekers, (ex-)prisoners, students, the homeless, and non-profit organisations. In many roles I supported people so that they could be their best self. I love seeing people flourish and would be delighted to facilitate your journey of positive change. That is why I trained as a coach in nature with the ‘Coach Bureau’ in the Netherlands.

Would you like to know more?

Please get in touch for a free consultation: 085 7284556 or

Client’s feedback:

“I feel very safe with sharing my journey with you. I know that it has grown into a stronger place with you.”  Anna, Dublin.