Back to your roots with forest immersion.

In our stressful everyday life many of us spend time in nature to recharge our batteries. There is a way, however, to benefit more from nature than just go for a walk in the country. Welcome to a forest immersion walk.

A forest immersion walk will give you the opportunity to:

– really slow down;
– use all your senses to the full;
– experience the health benefits of nature;
– improve your wellbeing in everyday life

Forest immersion walk: What can you expect?

Each forest immersion walk lasts around 2.5 hours. The walk takes place in a park in Dublin or a forest in Wicklow. You will be part of small group of people (6-12 participants). During the walk you will be invited to meaningfully engage with nature through optional activities. You will walk at a slow pace for about 1.5-2kms. At the end of the walk we will share a cup of foraged tea together. Charges range from €20 – €35 per person.

About me:

My name is Rosalinde and I have lived in Ireland for the past twenty years. My professional experience includes working with jobseekers, (ex-)prisoners, students, the homeless, and non-profit organisations. In many roles I supported people so that they could be their best self. Parallel to this, I have experienced that natural cycles and seasonal rhythms give shape and meaning to my life. Daily time spent outdoors gives me clarity, energy, focus, joy, peace and a great sense of wellbeing. Nature, especially the forest and the sea, is my lifeline. I have been a certified life coach in nature since 2020 and trained with Hilde Backus MA, Het Coach Bureau, the Netherlands. I am currently completing my forest bathing guide training with Nádúr, Centre for Integrative Forest Therapy, Ireland. In addition, I have completed a wide range of long-distance hiking and cycling trails in Ireland and abroad.

Would you like to know more?

Please get in touch for more information: 089 257 8210 or